Local Moving Company

This is the most common relocation service in Redondo Beach, and many people assume that it is easy because you are moving across town. This mindset has always been to the detriment of many movers even before they can actually move. At Apex Moving Redondo Beach, we will assign highly trained professionals who will ensure that all sensitive aspects of moving is taken care of. It does not matter the size of the move whether small or big, we will ensure that all your property arrives to your new address in time and without any damages.

When you first contact us, you will be assigned a consultant who will help you with all your moving needs. The moving consultant is equipped with all the tools to help you make a successful move. You will be required to state all your needs beforehand so that the consultant can formulate a plan and give you an amazing service which fits your needs.

Whenever you choose Apex Moving Redondo Beach for your moving needs, these are the services you will receive:

Professional services. we have employed only the best-trained staff to deliver professional services. Our employees know everything about packing, loading and moving so as to handle your properties with care and respect.

Fragile items handling. our decades of handling and moving fragile items ranging from art to decor and understand that these items should be handled with extra love. This is why we are the best company to assist you in transporting these fragile items. We will ensure that you have the piece of mind with your fragile items.

Take Inventory. Our staff have been trained in moving and understand how to make an inventory list. We have trained our employees in packing, loading, moving and unpacking. When making a long distance move, we also have storage facilities to store your belongings and should damage occur, we will ensure that there is a quick claims process.

Unloading. We will unload all the packed items from the truck and place them in your premises in record time but with care. This is to ensure that your belongings are placed in the right position in your home.

Unpacking. We will help you unpack the items if you choose our full-service moving.

Disassembly and assembly. Our staff are trained to disassemble and assemble assets. If any item requires special assembly then we have a team of specialised technicians to assist in the move.

Transportation. We have a large fleet of trucks and vans which are always available to help you move from one location to the other. This means efficient loading and unloading as we maintain an in-house fleet of trucks to ensure high performance and superior safety.