Commercial Movers

Apex Moving Redondo Beach is also a commercial mover and an industry leading when it comes to commercial relocation. This is because we have been offering our services for decades helping clients move their business without any difficulty. We understand that for a business to remain successful there needs to be no downtime during office hours. Businesses are also the backbone to our economies and thus we will ensure that we handle everything promptly without wasting time.

This is why when you contact Apex Moving Redondo Beach, you will get different service options which will fit your budget. We have crafted different moving packages which can be accessed at affordable rates. These services include:

>Corporate Relocation. We all know that time is money and any time lost then you lose profits this is why when you contact us for any office relocations, we will not waste any time reacting to your prompt. We will then develop a plan and get your moving without any delay. We will not hold you down with lengthy relocation process as this will affect your business. It does not matter if you ate moving within the same town or to a different state, we will ensure that you get there without delay. We have been known to delivering quality services enabling our clients to hit the ground running.

Office Moving. Any downtime in your operations will definitely result in business losses and this is not acceptable when you contact us. This is why we have an option to relocate your office after hours or during the weekends. The best aspect about Apex Moving Redondo Beach is that you will also be assigned a consultant who will work with you to offer a smooth relocation process. The assigned consultant will work with you until you are settled in your new location. With Apex Moving Redondo Beach is assured that you will receive quality services and moving solutions which will benefit your entire business.

During the above two packages, our moving consultant will work closely with your management team to set clear goals and work to achieve them. Our professional team will work directly under the consultant to ensure that the entire relocation process is smooth and successful.

We will ensure that when all your assets have been moved, you will be satisfied with our business so as to make us your regular go-to moving company. As we understand the value of time, you will be up and running in record time. We will get you settled in your office with minimal hustle, guaranteeing a smooth transition to your new premises.

But before we can begin your corporate relocation here are some tips which will enable you to have a smooth moving process.

Label all the boxes - it is important that you label all the boxes with room numbers and the area which is supposed to be delivered in the new office so as to avoid any confusion when organizing and setting up your office.

Disconnect all equipments - make sure that all the electronic equipment are disconnected before the movers arrive so as to make the packing easy and smooth. This is to ensure that there is no wastage of time and unnecessary work.

Get certified staff to handle large appliances - if you have large machinery, it is important that you have them disassembled and assembled with third-party handlers so as not to void their warranty.

Trained and experienced movers - at Apex Moving Redondo Beach we have ensured that all our employees are well trained and equipped to handle heavy office furniture without the risk of injury to themselves or damage to the asset being moved.

The main reason for hiring a professional mover is to ensure that all your furniture and assets are not damaged during the relocation process. The best part about a moving company such as Apex Moving Redondo Beach handling your relocation is that we are insured and any damage caused when moving can be claimed. This is because our employees are highly skilled and trained to disassemble and assemble any furniture according to the manufacturers' recommendations.

We also know the importance of careful planning in a commercial move. For instance, reconfiguration of office furniture and cubicles will depend largely on the layout and space of the new office as well as the existing electricals and network connecting ports. At Apex Moving Redondo Beach we will discuss this will the management team so as to reach an amicable solution suitable to all.

Ensure that safety is a priority by avoiding risks and added costs by hiring a professional commercial moving company.

What to do to Prepare for a move.

There are ways in which you can use to ensure that you are prepared for a commercial mover. You can coordinate with your staff so as to make the move as successful as possible. So make sure that you:

  • - Clear out a day before the moving day. Make sure that all employees have packed their belongings a day before the moving day. This is to enable an easy transition and prevent loss of property. Each employee can be provided with a box which he/she can place his/her belongings in their boxes and have them bring them to the new office premises. If it is impossible to have them bring their personal belongings with them, you can have them consolidated with all other employees and packaged into one so as to conserve cart space.
  • - Clear all the files in cabinets and have them shipped in a box. However, in most cases, upright file cabinets can be moved with contents intact while lateral cabinets need to be removed for easy moving. Files which are moved in upright file cabinets can be locked so that they do not drop or get lost during moving.
  • -Complete all the packing before the moving date.
  • -Ensure that all non-essential employees are not present during the moving day.